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Innovative Full-Stack Developer

Job description

Innovative Full-Stack Developer

Danske Bank has grown into one of the largest foreign investor and employer in Lithuania. Having started  with out-tasking model approach in Vilnius, the company became a global financial and professional services provide for a vast portfolio of banking operations, professional services, business support functions and front-end product development.

You will join an organization of developers, analytics, conceptualists, bankers and designers (to name a few skillsets) who spend our days trying to think of new ways of approaching banking. By combining the knowledge of Danske Bank with the mindset of entrepreneurs, we attack challenges from new angles and create new ways of working.

You will be working with Sunday.dk project, which concentrates, on customer’s need to get a loan in a disruptive way at the biggest bank in Denmark. Everybody needs a place to live, and getting a loan is just a step towards that final goal. This was the fundamental insight that led us to develop the first version of Sunday.dk.

Your greatest assets are your ability to collaborate with many different types of people, challenge ideas and come with even better ones supported by most recent technology – and last but not least put the customers first and let solutions be driven by understanding their needs and ecosystems.


As a full-stack developer, you will be responsible for developing end-to-end mobile-compatible solutions for Danske Bank. Using service-oriented architecture (SOA), you will architect and build for scale, performance and reliability. You will understand how the end-to-end stack works and how your service needs to fit and integrate in supporting customer-driven scenarios.


We don’t much care about the number of years you are in development. But we do care what have you learned so far and how fast can you learn new stuff.

You have knowledge working with software engineering in JavaScript and similar. You are willing to work on both front and back (mainly with JavaScript frameworks, but not limited to those only). You are able to both code and architect excellent code.

Knowledge with the following is key:

  • At least one JavaScript framework (and jQuery does not count).
  • Testing suites and Unit tests.

This might come in handy:

  • Virtualization and cloud infrastructure technologies.
  • Rest API or other service approach and familiarity with Hadoop, HBase, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra or similar NoSQL technologies.
  • Ruby, Unix and other random cool stuff.

Besides your professional skills, we are looking for a person with creative problem solving skills and the ability to work autonomously in a slim and agile organisation with the mandate to move fast and do things differently – e.g. test with the customer, start before having ‘all the answers’ and dare to fail and learn.

We Offer

• An attractive employee package
• A young, relaxed and ambitious atmosphere
• To become part of a fast growing organization
• An opportunity to make a difference and grow professionally

Danske Bank Group is a Nordic universal bank, serving over 3.5 million personal customers, businesses and institutions, across four main business units: Personal Banking, Business Banking, Corporates & Institutions and Wealth Management. Danske Bank employs 19,000 professionals including more than 2000 employees in Lithuania, and operates in 15 countries, with core markets being Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Danske Bank has a strong presence in Lithuania, starting from Danske Bank A/S Lithuania Branch, which provides various banking services to corporate and private customers. In 2012, Danske Bank established its Global Services Centre in Lithuania, which became the key strategic center for a vast portfolio of banking operations, professional services, business support functions and front-end product development. Having started with out-tasking model approach, the center has grown into a set of competence centers with end-to-end process ownership, business mandate and direct impact on customer experience within a few years.

Danske Bank has grown into one of the largest foreign investor and employer in Lithuania, which gave a strong business case for Danske Bank Group IT Lithuania (DGITL) service center establishment in Lithuania in 2014. Danske Bank Group IT Lithuania is a part of an organization, which delivers world-class digital financial solutions to customers, and is the fastest growing IT organization in Lithuanian market.

For the last year, Danske Bank has been operating in the global functional set-up, which means Lithuanian teams are now even closer to the end customer and contribute as an equal counterpart to any projects, innovations, and improvements.